Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Life, As of Late

June was a whirlwind, because May was so busy we felt as if we have been catching up for months. The annual Rose Festival brought back the naval ships and fleetweek. It was nice to see so many people out and about, and enjoying the amazing weather. We have really enjoyed summer showing up early with great sunrises and sunsets. We set up our little balcony garden and enjoying lots of warm walks late into the evening. For Father's Day we enjoyed a seafood (escargot-centric) brunch to start the summer off right. Looking forward to enjoying more of the summer, because it just began.

Fremont Bridge at SunsetAlphabet DistrictView from Washington ParkWashington Park EntranceRose Festival ShipsMirror TowerSteel BridgeUrban GardeningChili Peppers
Father's Day Brunch

Monday, June 1, 2015

Life, As of Late

Baby Shower Spread

This year's May was filled with mamas, babies and puppies—pretty much the perfect way to move from spring to summer. In between Mother's Day we hosted two baby showers, one in Portland and one in Seattle. In between baby showers, we've been eating more Japanese food than usual, possibly due to the warm weather. Hope everyone is having a great spring, summer is right around the corner! How is it June already?

Tri's Baby ShowerBaby in hatSuki Boston TerrierDSC_9095Koji Mother's DayYuzu food

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Scenes from Birthday Weekend

For the last five years we have traveled somewhere to celebrate my birthday, but this year we decided to celebrate at home in Portland and it was one of the best birthdays in memory. We celebrated for four days with special dinners with family and friends, eating whatever sweets I wanted, a relaxing massage, equally relaxing walks around the city and exploring places we've wanted to check out for awhile. It was a bonus that the weather was nice and sunny. 

The day started with a surprise new camera lens, which I quickly used to document turning a year older. Mike's gift wrapping skills have gotten so good I didn't want to open it!

Mike's wrapping

We started the day with brunch at the always busy Tasty & Alder, John Gorham's modern steakhouse. We've eaten at his other beloved restaurants Toro Bravo and Tasty & Sons, and we were not disappointed. It was an epic brunch with the best house chili infused tequila Bloody Mary; radicchio, bacon lardons, and a six-minute egg (they had me at six minute egg); Korean fried chicken; Wagyu steak frites; and the Carlton Farms pork schnitzel. They even surprised me with a birthday chocolate potato donut.

Tasty Beverages & DonutRaddiccio & 6 minute egg saladSteak & Frites

We then roamed around enjoying the wonderful spring day, admiring the city's architecture and getting used to my new camera lens. We purposely selected high protein brunch items in order to have energy to walk up the street in search of cake and french pastries.

Art Deco BuildingSweet ShopsDowntown StrollDoc Martin HQPemco BuildingBocciNeighborhood DetailsMusgo MuralOld TownPints

We decided to take advantage of the terrific weather and wandered into the Lan Su Chinese Gardens, a place near and dear to us because it was where we got married. 

BoathouseChinese Garden WindowsGarden ViewsChinese Garden BloomsChinese Garden DetailsGarden Photo

Soon it was time to meet up with my parents for dinner at one of our favorite Italian Restaurants, Piazza Italia. After a day wandering around we were ready for a week's worth of carbs and wiped our plates clean. 

Piazza DinnerPiazza Pasta

The following day we enjoyed another terrific breakfast at the Portland Penny Diner. Opened only Monday-Friday until only 3pm, I decided it would be the perfect place to meet my girlfriends for a birthday lunch, where we were treated to the yummiest birthday lemon bar. And since it was my birthday I decided to treat myself to some delicious locally roasted coffee at Heart Coffee Roasters and it was well worth the somewhat high price. 

Downtown Food CartsLatte ArtPenny Diner Breakfast SandwichHeart Coffee Shop

Soon it was time to head back downtown to meet friends for our quarter-annual birthday celebration at the amazing Paleo/Gluten-Free/Vegan Asian restaurant Departures. The crispy squid was amazing, so amazing we took one bite and immediately placed another order. 

United States National BankCrispy SquidDeparture Dinner

My birthday weekend continued on with my favorite Abu Shiro ramen at the east side's only Japanese izakaya Yataimura Maru, some time at a garden center surrounded by blooming spring flowers, and my mom's insanely good eggrolls noodle bowls. 

It was such a wonderful birthday that I am already looking forward to getting another year older and celebrating all over again!

Love, Anne

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

San Francisco Travel Post

Earlier this month we traveled down to San Francisco, which quickly became one of our all time favorite cities. The minutes Mike landed we started eating our way through the city, starting with super trendy Katana Ya ramen, especially since it was just a block from the hotel. The Katana Ya ramen with fried chicken and deep fried gyoza was the favorite.

Hotel ViewKatana YaKatana Ya Ramen

The following day we decided to head towards the Embarcadero, watch the ferries and have a terrific Peruvian dinner.

Embarcadero PierFerry at EmbarcaderoLa MarLa Mar Restaurant>La Mar Appetizers

Our Union Square hotel was situated in the heart of the City, where we had access to the beautiful neighborhoods of Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Telegraph Hill—and best of all—Chinatown.

San Fran HillsHilly San FranciscoTelegraph HillBusy Streets of ChinatownNew Years ParadeGolden Gate Bakery

It was harder than usual to find a dim sum restaurant that served food from steam carts; there were a surprising number of dim sum restaurants that were mainly take out. After getting our fill of har gow and shu mai we headed up the hills to seek out the views from Coit Towers.

Coit Tower WalkCoit TowerOakland Bay Bridge

After roaming around in the neighborhoods all day, we decided to head to the Mission District where we joined the masses soaking up the sun at Dolores Mission Park and had some of the best pizza at Pizzeria Delfina. After roaming around the Mission District for a bit, we decided to head back to the Union Square and bar hopped until it time to eat again at Izakaya Ninja.

Delores ParkPizzeria DelfinaJones Restaurant and Ninja Izakaya
Ninja Izakaya

The next day we decided to check out San Francisco's Ocean Beach neighborhood, explore the Sutro Baths ruins and walk through Golden Gate Park. The weather couldn't have been better. We ended the night at Burma Superstar for dinner in the Outer Richmond neighborhood.

Ocean BeachOcean Beach, San FranciscoOcean Beach BeachA day at Ocean BeachSutra BathsSutra Baths areaMike at Sutra BathsOcean Beach AreaGolden Gate Park WindmillsGolden Gate ParkGolden Gate Skate Park at SunsetBurma Superstar Noodle Salad

We love how diverse San Francisco is, especially when it comes to Asian food. Luckily we were able to meet up with a good friend who loves ramen as much as we do and drove us out to her favorite ramen restaurant in San Mateo.

Himawari Tei Dinner

And before we knew it our time in this magical city was over. Lucky for us, we'll be back annually, if not more. What we'll miss is the interesting architecture and incredible skyline—all that gold rush money really brought on a golden age of architecture and engineering.

Financial DistrictFinancial District BuildingsThe Financial DistrictFull Moon